Bitcoin rises above $10,000

The price of bitcoin extended its rally in the first week of February, rising above the psychological threshold of $10,000, precisely to $10,158 on February 9th. Ethereum has risen above $215 and XRP has moved closer to the resistance of $0.292. Many altcoins have gained over +12.0%, including KICK, LSK, TRX and HC.

Moreover, there have been steady gains in most major altcoins, including ethereum, XRP, litecoin, bitcoin cash, BNB, EOS, TRX, ADA and XLM. The ETHUSD exchange rate has grown by +5.0% and has recently passed the $220 level. XRP is struggling to gain momentum above the $0.300 resistance.

Top January crypto-winners and losers

January has been a great month for Bitcoin, as the most famous cryptocurrency rose above $9,000. Nevertheless, as Sead Fadilpašić ( wrote, the whole crypto market as of late ‘has been enjoying a spring in the middle of winter. The second half of the first month of 2020 has brought a number of small and large rallies to a variety of coins, with bitcoin surpassing the $9,000 mark yet again. How long a spring will last in the Cryptoverse is not something often predicted with any accuracy, but for now, we’re seeing its results in the overall green color of the market.’

Fadilpašić, added that ‘January was more than kind to the top 10 coins by market capitalization. While only a single coin, tezos (XTZ) was in the positive in December, January saw a major change, with all its coins following tezos’ example. Winner on this list this time around is bitcoin SV (BSV), the price of which appreciated a whopping 191.62% amidst pump & dump accusations. The distant second is bitcoin cash (BCH), with a rise of more than +85.0% in a month, followed by litecoin (LTC) with +71.48%. Though bitcoin went up c. +30.0%, it’s among those who appreciated the least. The only coin below it is XRP with -24.94%, while as the third in line stands binance coin (BNB) with a rise of +33.64%.

Though many coins have appreciated this time among the top 50, there are always those who have appreciated the most. Among the ten winners, it’s BSV that’s leading the pack. BCH is now in the 9th place, with IOTA (MIOTA) following it closely on the 10th spot, while all other coins appreciated more than +100.0%. Dash (DASH) sits in the 2nd place, having gone up +180.4%, while ethereum classic (ETC), with a rise of +152.28%, took the 3rd spot. While it was impossible to have a list of 10 green coins for December, seeing the month close with only 8 winners, now there aren’t 10 red coins for January. There are none!’

Winners and losers from top 100/200 cryptocurrencies

Taking a look at the behavior of the top 100 cryptos in January, we find a situation similar to the top 50, with large majority of the same coins standing at the top and BSV leading them. The only difference is that ETC is pushed a spot down by zcoin (XZC), which rose by +166.35%. The least to rise are cosmos (ATOM) with +2.55%, and synthetix (SNX) with +0.32% rise. There have been also some bad performers: seele (SEELE) fell by -41.77%, followed by ABBC coin (ABBC) with -30.0%, molecular future (MOF) with -24.67% and centrality (CENNZ) with -18.24%.

Among the top 200 cryptos, the situation at the top changes only slightly. Bosagora (BOA) rose to the 7th place with a rise of +142.14%, swissborg (CHSB) on the 9th spot with a +131.09% rise. However, we find more red coins on this list, with latoken (LA) falling the most (-26.56%), followed by MOF, and then educare (EKT), which fell -21.70%. The remaining red cryptos fell less than -20.0%.

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