Swing Trading vs. Scalping Strategies in Forex markets

Scalping and swing trading are two of the most popular trading strategies used by traders in their daily activity.

They are very different and, sometimes, they are considered as opposites. The reason is simple. While scalping requires a trader to do hundreds of daily operations, in which positions are held for a very short period of time, swing trading exploits technical analysis with a intermediate-term time frame. If the former strategy exploits seconds, the latter exploits days or weeks.

The time frame chosen by a scalper goes from seconds to minutes; that one chosen by a swinger goes from a few days to months.

Consequently, also the number of operations is different: while a scalper can do hundreas of transactions during a single day, a swinger can do a few or none. Also charts used are different: a scalper uses a tick chart or few-minutes chart, the swinger uses daily or weekly charts. We can aslo say that while scalpers are unpatient, bizarre traders, swingers make the most of waiting many days for the result, are patient and usually more relaxed than their peers.

Wed 28/08/2019 21:07

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