The Most Traded Currency Pairs of Forex in 2020

According to BIS data, more than 50.0% of trades in Forex market involve the US dollar. The EURUSD is the most traded currency pair in the world, with about 30.0% of the total dollar Forex turnover. This currency pair is the most used by traders because of its high liquidity level.

Traders also use other pairs in order to diversify their currency portfolios. Trading volumes are correlated with the size of the economy in corresponding countries. This is why currencies such as the British pound, the Japanese yen, the Swiss franc, the Australian, and the Canadian dollars are the most actively traded pairs together with the US dollar and the Euro.

According to BIS data, the top 10 most popular currency pairs include the Major ones. The most traded pairs broken down by categories are the following:

Among the Major pairs and in general, the most traded pair is the EURUSD;
Among the Minor pairs, the most traded pair is the EURJPY;
Among the Exotic pairs, the most traded pair is the USDHKD.

The most traded currency pairs by volume are the following:

1 EURUSD 27.95%
2 USDJPY 13.34%
3 GBPUSD 11.27%
4 AUDUSD 6.37%
5 USDCAD 5.22%
6 USDCHF 4.63%
7 NZDUSD 4.08%
8 EURJPY 3.93%
9 GBPJPY 3.57%
10 EURGBP 2.78%
11 AUDJPY 2.73%
12 EURAUD 1.8%
13 EURCHF 1.73%
14 AUDNZD 0.96%
15 NZDJPY 0.93%
16 GBPAUD 0.89%
17 GBPCAD 0.81%
18 EURNZD 0.78%
19 AUDCAD 0.76%
20 GBPCHF 0.73%
21 AUDCHF 0.7%
22 EURCAD 0.7%
23 CADJPY 0.67%
24 GBPNZD 0.64%
25 CADCHF 0.58%
26 CHFJPY 0.57%
27 NZDCAD 0.48%
28 NZDCHF 0.38%

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