Will Bitcoin exceed $100,000?


Will Bitcoin exceed $100,000? Yes, at least according to the forecasts made by Murad Mahmudov, an old analyst of the investment bank Goldman Sachs who later became a strong supporter of Bitcoin, who has actually stated that the cryptocurrency will reach a value of $100,000.

According to Goldman Sachs also, it is a good time to buy into Bitcoin. The financial institution foresees a target of $13,971.

Yet, the most famous digital currency in the world fell yesterday below the psychological threshold of $10,000, around $9,700. A retracement expected by many technical analysts but unexpected by those who supported Bitcoin’s ability to play a role as a safe haven, like gold. A role that, however, given the volatility that still characterizes the currency, still seems far from being carried out.


Wed, 14/08/2019 – 14:24

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