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Below is a breakdown of the various ways you can fund your fxTrade account. To deposit funds, login to your My Funds account and click the Deposit button.

Credit Cards

Minimum Deposit: None
Maximum Deposit: 10,000 units of currency (or 1,000,000 JPY or 100,000 HKD) per calendar month
Average Processing Time: Immediate
Fees: None
Notes: Your Credit card provider may charge you a transaction fee and international processing fee. Please check with your credit card provider to determine the charges.

What deposit/withdrawal options do you have?

Currently, you can choose from the following options to deposit and withdraw funds: multiple credit cards, multiple electronic payment methods, bank wire transfer, local bank transfer, and other payment methods.

In which currencies can I deposit money into my trading account?

You can deposit money in any currency and it will be automatically converted into the base currency of your account

Can I withdraw my money whenever I want?

In order to withdraw funds, your trading account must be validated. This means that first you need to upload your documents in our Members Area: Proof of Identity (ID, passport, driving license) and Proof of Residency (utility bill, telephone/Internet/TV bill or bank statement), which include your address and your name and can’t be older than 3 months.

Once you receive confirmation from our Validation Department that your account has been validated, you can request the funds withdrawal by logging in to the Members Safe Area, selecting the Withdrawal tab and sending us a withdrawal request. It is only possible to send your withdrawal back to the original source of deposit. All withdrawals are processed by our Back Office within 24 hours on business days.

Can I withdraw my money if I have an open position?

Yes, you can, if at the moment of payment your free margin exceeds the amount specified in the withdrawal instruction, including all payment charges. Free margin is calculated as equity less necessary margin (required to maintain an open position). If you do not have sufficient free margin in your trading account, the system will not accept your request and you will need to lower the amount. Please note, that any credit bonus in your account is considered as part of your equity and will be deducted as the result of any withdrawal.

How long does it take for funds to reach my bank account?

It depends on the country the money is sent to. Standard bank wire within the EU takes 3 working days. Bank wires to some countries may take up to 5 working days.

How long does it take to receive my money after I make a withdrawal request?

Your withdrawal request is processed by our back office within 24 hours.  Bank wire or credit/debit card it usually takes 2 - 5 business days.

Can I transfer funds from my trading account to another client’s trading account?

No, this is not possible. It is forbidden to transfer funds between different clients’ accounts and involve any third parties.








Is there a dormant fee if I don't use my account?

An account shall be deemed as dormant from the last day of the ninety (90) calendar days during which there has been no activity (trading/withdrawals/deposits) in the account. There are no dormant fee charges.


What is the difference between demo and real accounts?

While all features and functions of a real account are also available for a demo account, you should keep in mind that simulation cannot replicate real trading market conditions. One relevant difference is that the volume executed through the simulation does not affect the market; while in real trading volumes have effect on the market, especially when the deal size is large. The speed of execution is the same for real trading accounts as for the BP Prime demo accounts.

Users can have a very different psychological profile depending on whether they trade with demo or real accounts. This aspect may impact the evaluation performed with the demo account. We advise you to be cautious and avoid complacency about any conclusion that you may draw from using a demo account.

Can I trade stock CFDs with my existing MT4 trading account?

No, you can not. BP Prime do not offer Stock Equities on MT4 but do offer Indices.

Can I use robot/auto traders or expert advisors?

Yes, you can.

How do I add an expert advisor?

Save your expert advisor in the MetaTrader4 directory on your computer: C:Program Files – MetaTrader – BlackPearkFx – experts. Then restart MetaTrader4. The expert advisor file should appear in the navigator window of MetaTrader4. Left click on it and drop-and-drag it onto the chart of the currency that you would like the expert advisor to trade on.

What do I do if the attached expert advisor does not trade?

First check if trading is allowed by going to Tools -> Options -> Experts tab -> Allow real trading. Then make sure that the expert advisor button on the main tool bar is pressed. You should be able to see a smiley face in the top right-hand corner of your chart which shows that you have activated your EA correctly. If everything is all right, but the EA still does not trade, see your log files via the Experts tab in the Terminal window (you should be able to see what error occurs). You can also email us for further assistance at [email protected]

Do you provide any kind of online support/tutorial for how to use the MT4 platform?

Feel free to contact your Personal Account Manager via live chat, email or by phone to schedule a presentation on MT4. You may as well watch our video tutorials for guidance, We are ready to help you with one-to-one detailed explanation at any time convenient for you.

I can only see 8 pairs on my MT4. How can I see the rest?

Log in to your MT4 platform -> Market watch window -> right click -> Show all -> scroll down and you will be able to see all instruments available for trading.

I can not see the opening/closing price on my chart.

Log in to your MT4 platform -> Market watch window -> right click -> Show all -> scroll down and you will be able to see all instruments available for trading.

How can I view my trading history?

Open the terminal window by pressing Ctrl+T on your keyboard, and select the Account History tab. Right click to enable the context menu, which will allow you to save your trading history as an .html file so that you can later view it when you log out of the trading platform.

Do you allow hedging?

Yes, we do. You are free to hedge your positions on your trading account. Hedging takes place when you open a LONG and a SHORT position on the same instrument simultaneously. When you open a BUY and a SELL position on the same instrument and in the same lot size, the margin is 0.

However, when you open a BUY and a SELL position on a CFD of the same type and lot size, the margin is only needed once.The margin of CFDs, when you are hedged, is always 50%.


What is one-click trading? How can I enable it?

One-click trading allows you to open positions with just one click. When you want to close a position, however, one click does not work and you will need to close it manually.

To enable one-click trading on the left corner of your chart, you will find an arrow. By clicking that arrow you enable one-click trading and a window appears on the left corner of the chart.

Do you accept US clients?

US residents can not open trading accounts with us. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Will you close my real account if it has a zero account balance?

Accounts with zero balance will be archived after a period of ninety (90) calendar days.

How can I calculate the margin?

Margin calculation formula for forex instruments is the following:

(Lots * contract size / leverage) where the result is at always in the primary currency of the symbol.

For STANDARD accounts all forex instruments have a contract size of 100 000 units. For MICRO accounts all forex instruments have a contract size of 1 000 units.

For instance, if the base currency for your trading account is USD, your leverage is 1:500 and you are trading 1 lot EURUSD, the margin will be calculated like this:

(1 * 100 000/500) = 200 Euros

Euro is the primary currency of the symbol EURUSD, and because your account is USD, the system automatically converts the 200 EUROS to USD at the actual rate.

What is margin / margin level / free margin?

Margin is the required amount in the base currency of the trading account needed to open or maintain a position. When trading forex, the Required/Used Margin for a specific position = Number of Lots * Contract size / Leverage. Here the result is originally calculated in the first currency of the traded pair, and then converted into the base currency of your trading account, which will be numerically displayed on your MT4, or any other trading platform.

The margin requirement for gold and silver is calculated like this: Lots * Contract Size * Market Price / Leverage. The result will be in USD, which will be converted into the base currency of your trading account (in case it is other than USD).

For CFDs, the required margin is Lots * Contract Size * Opening Price * Margin Percentage. The result will be in USD, which will be converted into the base currency of your trading account (in case it is other than USD).

Margin level is calculated with the formula Equity/Margin * 100%.

Free margin is your equity minus margin. It means the available funds that you use for opening new positions, or for maintaining existing positions.

How can I see the charts?

Please right click on any of the symbols in the Market Watch that you want to see and choose the Chart Window option. Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop any symbol in the chart window.

How long can I use a demo account?

BP Prime demo accounts do not have an expiry date, so you can use them as long as you want. Demo accounts that have been inactive for longer than 14 days from the last login will be closed. However, you can open a new demo account at any time.

What is stop loss?

Stop loss is an order for closing a previously opened position at a price less profitable for the client than the price at the time of placing the stop loss. Stop loss is a limit point that you set to your order. Once this limit point is reached, your order will be closed. Please note that you need to leave certain distances from the current market price when you set up stop/limit orders. For further details about the distance in points for each currency pair.

Using stop loss is useful if you want to minimize your losses when the market goes against you. Stop loss points are always set below the current ASK price on BUY, or above the current BID price on SELL.

Do you have slippage?

Slippage hardly ever occurs if you trade with us. In exceptional circumstances, for example when important economic news is released and a sharp rise or fall in market price occurs, your order may be filled at a different rate than requested.

At BP Prime, your orders are filled at the best available market price, which may be to your benefit.













Are you supervised by any governmental/regulatory authority?

Our company is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under license number 688456.

Where are you based?

Our company is based in the City of London, United Kingdom. Our company’s full address is below:

Overview of the BP Prime and about us:

BP PRIME is a world-leading provider of online trading services for Forex, CFDs and Commodities. We connect our clients to top-tier liquidity providers and market-leading aggregation and processing technology – offering best-in-class service, insight and execution. At BP PRIME, we are licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority and are headquartered in London, with branches and joint ventures across the globe.

Our values
In Chinese culture, the pearl has been a valued symbol dating back to their earliest civilisation. It symbolises prosperity, integrity, protection and wisdom through experience. With our understanding of Chinese culture, we incorporated the business and originally chose to be founded as Black Pearl Securities, where we made it the core symbol of our business and our ethics.

At BP PRIME, we put our expertise and experience at our client’s service, whilst giving protection to their capital. Our core values of integrity, client satisfaction, innovation and intellect are as true today as they were when we were founded and are what help to differentiate us from our competitors.

What we offer
We are expert intermediaries for our private, professional and institutional clients and the liquidity providers who buy and sell. Our deep relationships with both technology companies and liquidity providers mean we can offer tight spreads, market depth and speed of execution at competitive pricing. As a fully licenced company that is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, our clients can be confident that their capital is secure.

What supporting documents do I need to provide if I want to be your client?

A colour copy of valid passport or other official identification document issued by authorities (e.g. driver's license, identity card, etc). The identification document must contain the client's full name, an issue or expiry date, the client's place and date of birth or tax identification number and the client's signature.

A recent utility bill (e.g. electricity, gas, water, phone, oil, Internet and/or cable TV connection, bank account statement) dated within the last 3 months and confirming your registered address.

Do I need to provide my proof of residency?

Yes, you do. In order to start trading and to be able to make withdrawals from your account, your account has to be validated, therefore you must provide a recent utility bill (e.g. electricity, gas, water, phone, oil, Internet and/or cable TV connection) or bank account statement not older than 3 months, and confirming your registered address.

Why do I need to submit my documents for account validation?

As a regulated company, we operate in accordance with our internal procedures which are designed to comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements. These procedures involve the collection of adequate documentation from our clients with regards to KYC (Know Your Client), including the collection of a valid ID card and a recent (within 3 months) utility bill or bank account statement that confirms the address the client has registered with.



The Standard account allows our clients to trade all instruments with commission already built in the spread. Minimum deposit as low as $/€/£100.

The PRO Account allows our clients to trade all instruments with commission already built in the spread. Minimum deposit $/€/£1,000.

Our PRIME account allows our clients to trade FX Currency pairs plus metals on a raw feed and pay commissions outside the spread. Minimum deposit $/€/£10,000.

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Wide range of
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Spreads as
low as 0.3

No commission on
Standard or Pro accounts

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