We offer access to powerful trading platforms that connect you to top-tier liquidity providers with ultra-low latency execution. Together with a range of intelligent analytical tools, we help to simplify your trades and optimise performance. All our technologies come with full technical support.


Execute trades at sub-milisecond speeds to maximise your revenues. We have established our own cages inside Equinix’s London (LD4), New York (NY4) and Tokyo (TY3) data centres. So you have direct copper and fibre connections to liquidity providers in the world’s leading hubs for FX, CFD and commodity trading.


Trade simultaneously across multiple markets on one screen – so you can see all your exposures in one place. Web-based platform X_TRADER with BP PRIME will drive improved profits by tracking and trading prices at sub-millisecond performance – so you can make more effective trading decisions.


Consistently offering tight spreads for better returns. Thanks to the aggregator you will experience better executions, with potential access to over 120 industry-leading liquidity sources with ultra-low latency. In addition, you will be able to manage risk systematically and have confidence that trades are reported to regulators in real time.

FIXProtocol - FIX API

Have confidence that your orders and other data are being sent securely, anonymously – and with minimal slippage – through the FIX protocol. We can offer you either a standard or a bespoke FIX API depending on your needs, with full technical and trading support.

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