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BP PRIME eFX trading platform brings institutional clients direct market access to liquidity (DMA) across a range of Foreign Exchange products. Thanks to a unique combination of technology and personal attention, BP PRIME is able to accommodate the requirements of the most sophisticated clients.

Technology Driven

We constantly focus on technology because we strongly believe technology has made people’s life easier and this also happened with the online trading in the past 20 years. We are specialised on finding trading solutions to the very competitive middle tier of the market. BP PRIME’ technology solutions allow clients to improve trading performances while keeping constantly control of their risk management.

Thanks to our technology all clients can have access to a broad range of bespoke liquidity pools, including bank and non-bank relationships feeds as well as Electronic Communication Networks (ECN) via our World leading trading platforms or via FIX API.

Trading experience and leverage

A wide range of currency pairs, fast execution, flexible leverage, low spreads and our dedicated global coverage team offer a complete trading package and ensure that our Professionals traders and Institutional clients keep ahead of the market developing their businesses further.

BP PRIME is open to discuss leverage with clients and constantly monitors political and economic events that could increase market’s volatility and the risk of losses.

BP PRIME offers:

  • Aggregated bespoke liquidity pools based on client’s trading style and order sizes
  • Accessible over GUI, FIX API and third party platforms
  • DMA and Straight Through Processing via FIX API
  • 24×6 dedicated sales specialists located in London and Shanghai
  • Solid low-latency technology

Highly configurable XTrader GUI layout based on clients’ needs


BP PRIME is proud to offer clients aggregated liquidity on indices CFDs either on a trading GUI or via FIX API. Clients can now diversify their trading possibilities and generate profits no matter what direction the market goes. Contact our support team to request information about our offering on liquidity solutions, spreads, commissions and margin requirements.

Indices Trading

We offer now more than 10 indices CFDs also via FIX API to our professional and institutional clients. All prices for institutional clients are negotiable and dependant on volumes.

Indices CFDs are instruments with a price derived from the futures market. BP PRIME always includes a fixed mark-up in the spread.

One thing to always keep in mind is that when trading Indices, you’re trading on the performance of the stocks without taking physical ownership of the asset. Clients that trade CFDs are basically trading on the direction of the price movements and gain profits if the price of the instrument moves in the right direction. BP PRIME offers flexible leverage options giving traders the advantage to have access to the market with a lower initial investment.

Why trade Indices

  • Real-time pricing either via GUI or FIX API
  • Extremely tight spreads offering potential to profit from small price movements
  • Top indices available to trade, including DAX, S&P, Dow Jones and FTSE
  • Flexible leverage to control your risk
  • Dedicated support team


Trading commodities with BP PRIME has never been easier. Choose from a wide selection of commodities and start trading either via GUI or FIX API.

Precious metals trading

Trading precious metals with BP PRIME has never been easier. You can either trade on raw spreads and pay the agreed commission or include the mark-up in the spread. BP PRIME gives you access to a range of precious metals instruments including Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Very often experienced traders buy or sell Precious metals to diversify their portfolio.

Why trade Precious metals:

  • Low margins – as little as 0.5%
  • Straight Through Processing execution
  • Bespoke liquidity pool for Professional or Institutional clients
  • Competitive spreads based on client’s average ticket size
  • Low latency execution via FIX API connection

Oil Trading

When you trade oil with BP PRIME you’re not actually buying any physical oil. This way you have the ability to profit whether the market is rising or falling. BP PRIME offers real time rates on Spot Crude Oil and Brent Oil with no dealer intervention and no brokerage fees.

Commodities gained a lot of popularity in the past years thanks to the bullish market that saw oil prices well passing the $100 per barrel.

One of the key attractions of trading with high levels of leverage is that you’re able to make more substantial profits from a small outlay. However, traders should be aware that higher leverage comes with higher risk and the potential for significant losses, sometimes more than the opening balance.

Why Trade Oil?

  • Low margins – as little as 0.5%
  • Straight Through Processing execution
  • Bespoke liquidity pool for Professional or Institutional clients
  • Competitive spreads based on client’s average ticket size
  • Low latency execution via FIX API connection

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